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Projects Database
We provide a database of ONGs' social projects, for you to be able to search for those which align better with your interests
We offer a platform that assists the social investment decision making process, to ensure that the invested resources are spent according to the ONGs published objectives
We are a team of experts, with academic and professional experience in the social finance world, that is why we want to put our knowledge at your service, to help both donors and beneficiaries to improve the efficiency when allocating the resources and concretizing their objectives


Antonela Racca

Co-Founder & CEO

Sebastián Cea

Co-Founder & Director Research Division

Camila Siles

Co-Founder & Director Social and Financial Evaluation Division

María Jesús Aldunate

Co-Founder & Director Financial and Commercial Division
Co-Fundador y Director Área Legal

Joaquín Fernández

Co-Founder & Director Legal Division

José Manuel Castillo

Co-Founder & Director Technology Division