Why do people donate?

A Survey from February 2017 made by the English Institute of Fundraising contacted around 2000 people about their motivations to donate.Here the results:59% said they believed in the cause37% said it was a good thing to do21% said the charity had helped someone they knew12% said the campaign caught their attention8% said they had benefited from […]

Randomized Controlled Trials

It is already known in the world of public polices and social projects’ interventions that knowing if pre-defined objectives have been attained is a difficult tasa. But even more difficult is to know if those polices and interventions have had an impact in the aimed population. The newest technique developed by economists are Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT). […]

Impacting investing: the future of philanthropy? (Philanthropy Australia 2016 National Conference)

The theme of the recent ‘Philanthropy Australia 2016´conference was ‘Evolution or Revolution – Is Philanthropy Future Ready?’. The general answer to this question was that philanthropy is not future ready but evolving. Another important conclusion of the conference was that current philanthropy must “hold onto the beauty and power of traditional philanthropy, whilst at the […]

The best countries to be a social entrepreneur – 2016

Thomson Reuters Foundation with Deutsche Bank, UnLtd and the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network interviewed more than 900 experts from 45 countries on the best countries for social entrepreneurs. The poll took into consideration six main areas of focus: government support, attracting skilled staff, public understanding, making a living, gaining momentum, access to investment. The Top […]

Philanthropy and Democracy

We propose the book “Philanthropy in Democratic Societies: History, Institutions, Values.” Edited by: Rob Reich, Chiara Cordelli, and Lucy Bernholz. Which tries to “examine how ultra-rich philanthropists—once considered a serious threat to democracy—came to be regarded as legitimate players in the provision of public services.” An extract of the book was published in the Stanford Social […]