More charities less quality?

An important question that often arises in the philanthropic world is: why are there so many non-profits? From this question, others come almost directly: are all these non-profits really necessary?, do all of them provide efficient solutions?, would a big organization be better at providing solutions or would multiple organizations approach better society’s problems? This […]

Donations Trends

This podcast made by Science, presents an interview to Ayelet Gneezy (UC San Diego) who explains the different possible explanations taht can be given to high overhead costs in nonprofits. She has done experimental studies that show a preference to giving more when overhead costs are lower. The general trend shows that donors are always interested […]

Philathropy and Justice

This really interesting article published in Stanford Social Innovation Review states that charitable giving should always have in mind the justice value, and not only the good intentions. “…we believe the field should seek to reclaim charitable giving by supporting practices that liberate—and that change the attitudes, beliefs, and policies of—society as a whole.” “Here […]