Philathropy and Justice

This really interesting article published in Stanford Social Innovation Review states that charitable giving should always have in mind the justice value, and not only the good intentions.

“…we believe the field should seek to reclaim charitable giving by supporting practices that liberate—and that change the attitudes, beliefs, and policies of—society as a whole.”

“Here are seven questions that every philanthropist should consider in their analysis:

1. Are you aware of and do you value the existing leadership in the community you plan to serve?

2. Do you see and understand the historical factors that underlie the issues you aim to tackle?

3. What is the value in getting proximate to those you serve?

4. Do you see grantees and community leaders as equal partners in your philanthropic strategy?

5. Do you see the value of including diverse persons on your own team?

6. Do you see the value of smaller organizations?

7. Is your organization accountable to driving systems-level change?”

Source: SSIR

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